Identifying Competitors

Identifying “Competitors”

In this section you’ll learn:

  • What a competitor is
  • How to evaluate your own social media footprint
  • How to evaluate what your competition is doing

We expect this exercise to take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Competitors are not always what you might think. We are looking at businesses that are competing for your target market’s money and time.

We are ALSO looking at businesses that target your audience more generally. What are they doing that you can learn from?

Download the “Social Media Competitor Brainstorm Worksheet” from the Materials tab and spend a few minutes thinking about your target audience.

For your ideal client, customer, patient…

  • Who else provides pretty much what you provide? If you sell bagels, who else sells bagels?
  • Who sells different products or services but in the same industry? If you sell bagels, who sells doughnuts in which your target market might have to choose between a bagel or a doughnut for a breakfast treat. They are also your competitor.
  • Who sells complementary services or products? If you sell bagels, who sells coffee in your area? These are also businesses you’ll want to look at in this exercise.