Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

Let’s Talk About Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

You’ve probably done this exercise before, but I’d like to revisit it with a twist.

Think about your ideal customer and fill out the details. We’ve included a worksheet we like to use, but you may have already filled this out at some point. So go dig it up out of your filing cabinet so you have it handy.

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We’re going to look at this from a different angle.

If your ideal customer is a busy working mom, what does that mean for how you might use digital marketing to reach her?

With your ideal customer in mind, brainstorm how you can use these tools to engage your target market.

Content Marketing

What are the primary pain points your customer is feeling? What kinds of content can you create to support these pain points?

Would your customer prefer to read long-form blog posts or would he or she prefer videos and podcasts to listen to while driving the kids to school or during his or her long commute? What format is preferred?


What would your ideal customer search for on Google? What words and phrases would he or she use? Be specific here! Talk to your favorite customers and write down their exact words.

Digital PR

What influencers does your ideal customer follow? Who do they look up to? Who are they reading and watching? What magazines do they subscribe to?

Not only will you want to reach out to these publications, you might want to use them as target interests when you’re running social ads. This information is gold, so spend some time researching it! You’ll reference this list a lot.

Social Media

What hashtags does your target follow? What about social influencers? What networks are they most likely to be on? Are they the Pinterest crowd or are they hard core TikTok-ers or maybe they are only on LinkedIn and only once a month. Your time is precious, so focus on the networks that matter the most.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Does your audience hate email or do they love it? Would they like a LOT of content or do they prefer super short and to-the-point communications?

What About Your Website?

Does your website speak their language? Does the homepage reinforce that the visitor is exactly where they should be? Does your audience prefer big images or do they love a lot of text or do they really need a welcome video to make them feel at home?

And for Paid Ads…

What ad networks might work best? This is likely a big question mark, but jot down some ideas for advertising channels that might work well. If your target audience binges YouTube then maybe some YouTube ads are in order. If they like to lie in bed at night and spend money on random Instagram ads (like I do) – then jot that down too!

Next Steps

As you have probably noticed, we’re starting to get our foundations in order.

Download the provided brainstorm handout and list out some ideas. Get creative!

Download Digital Brainstorming Worksheet »

Updated on December 5, 2022