Marketing for Executive Leadership

The most powerful marketing starts with you, the leader. Learn how to confidently lead and support marketing efforts to stay on track, on message, and on budget. 

Yes! Help me understand marketing so I can lead better. 

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Learn to Leverage Marketing as a Leader in 6 Weeks

Learn how you, as a B2B leader, can fully leverage the power of marketing to level up your growth and avoid self-sabotage.

Having a marketing plan is useless if leadership isn’t on board. We’ve seen incredible marketing plans fall apart before they even got started because leadership was unclear on their role to support the plan. 

It all starts, and ends, with you – the leader. 

We’ll give you the brass tacks on what you need to know to support, and lead, your marketing efforts. 

You might be amazing and biz dev and product development, but it’s essential you understand how marketing can tie it all together to drive sales.

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Program includes:
  • Marketing Assessment & Implementation Roadmap

    We dive deep into 20 foundational marketing elements to build your strategy and implementation roadmap.

  • Team Workshop

    We guide your team through your assessment findings and your custom implementation roadmap​ to make sure everyone is clear on priorities.

  • 6-week Marketing Training & Mastermind Program

    We'll guide you and other executive leaders (limit 4 per cohort) through the marketing foundations that drive the biggest opportunities including:

    Using a vision statement for effective decision-making

    How to track the right KPIs and avoid distracting vanity metrics

    How brand messaging wins deals

    Uncovering new strategic partnerships

    ...and much, much more!

Your instructors:

We're strategic & tactical.

We’ve spent 8 years developing a proven process to fix the root of most major marketing problems…and it’s not because you aren’t posting on social media enough.

By working with over 120 companies across industries, we’ve figured out why some get stuck and waste money. We help solve those problems so companies can show up—and show up with confidence.

The key is ensuring every single tactic is rooted in a solid marketing strategy. Both pieces are essential to growing a business which is why we talk about both during our executive leadership sessions.

Cindy Skach Fractional Marketing Director
Cindy Skach

Fractional CMO

As a fractional CMO and marketing leader, Cindy takes the pressure off the C-Suite by leading their marketing team so they can focus on the product and vision. 

She brings over 25 years of sales and marketing leadership experience and strives to guide teams to become more strategic and accountable to drive business growth.

Michelle Tresemer Fractional Marketing Director
Michelle Tresemer

Marketing Execution Strategist & Trainer

Michelle translates marketing strategy to tactical marketing operations. She is a passionate and experienced digital analyst and down-to-earth consultant, teacher, and coach helping clients leverage skill sets and budgets to effectively reach their audiences.

She gets digital marketing certifications for fun and loves problem solving with clients.

Marketing starts with you, the leader.

Learn enough about marketing to make strategic decisions quickly.   

You know your company and products better than anyone else, but marketing might sound like a load of BS. We’ll de-mystify marketing and show you how to leverage it so it makes sense.

Vision & Purpose

Get clear on where you want to go with your business and why you do what you do which will drive all of your marketing and keep you focused.

Week 1

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Define what and how you’re going to track and measure traction towards your vision.

Week 2

Brand Messaging

Nail your elevator pitch and figure out how you’re different from competitors. We’ll walk you through crafting brand messaging that you’ll use for absolutely everything you create so you stand out.

Week 3

Target Markets

Get clarity on who you like to work with the most, how to attract more clients like that, and how you’re going to use marketing content to get their attention.

Week 4

Strategic Partnerships

We’ll walk through a brainstorm workshop to talk about how to think about strategic partnerships to grow your client base and list out ideas on who you can reach out to right away to start building relationships that really pay off.

Week 5

Tactics Review

Learn what and how to use marketing tactics such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more. You will start looking at tactics differently after this session and it will be largely de-mystified.

Week 6

Ready to see what marketing is all about?

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