Choosing Your Topic

Choose a Topic that’s Interesting to Your Audience

Just a couple of quick steps to help you choose a topic that will resonate with your audience.

We consider this pre-work so you have a topic in mind when you start writing.

Choosing your own topic is difficult. People usually have no clue where to begin or have too many ideas!

To get started, make a list.

  • Ask your staff or colleagues about what questions they are getting from their customers.
  • Ask your customers, clients, and prospects yourself. Ask them what their questions are and listen.
  • Listen to what questions people have in networking groups about what you do. What are common misconceptions about what you do that surprises them? Make a note of how you answer them.

Once you have your list, you’re going to group them into topic clusters. You’ll likely end up with 2-5 groups of content.

To choose your final topic, pick the one that is in your area of unique brilliance. Think about your specialty. Doing so keeps you focused on what you’re really good at, and it’s easier. This saves you time and it informs your audience without confusion.

Need a handout? We’ve included some to keep you focused. Check out the Materials tab.