Your Template

Your Template

Now for the really fun stuff!

We’ve included two files for you to use. Watch the tutorial video, download the files from the Materials tab, and we’ll start working our way through!

We’ve provided:

Blog Post Template Annotated: Read through first! This gives you quick notes on what each piece is and why it’s important.

Blog Post Template for You to Customize: This is your template without the explanatory content so you can update your logo, company information, and save it as a Word template (dotx) file. We’ll show you how to do this in the video above.

We’ve provided two files for you. Here’s how to use them:

The first file is an annotated copy of the template. It walks you through each piece of the blog post and provides helpful tips. Be sure to save it where you can easily access it when you need a refresher.

The second file is editable and is the template you’ll use to write. First, save the document as a Word Template. Next, download the template onto your desktop. Add a logo and swap out your company name. Go to File and select Save as Template. It should automatically select your template’s folder and change the extension to dotx. Click Save!

When you want to create a blog post, select new from Template, or when you start Word, you’ll see the new file in your templates. Open it and you’re ready to go!