Fractional Marketing Leadership

For small to mid-sized B2Bs that need marketing leadership and tactical direction but not the expense or need for a full-time position.

Before working with Foundations First, I had been hyper-focused on little spots without clear goals in mind. I was ineffective in how I approached things. Foundations First helped me stop wasting effort on things that were just shots in the dark, which cost time and money. Now, I’m focused, more effective, and I save time and money!

Does this sound like your situation?

Small, often junior marketing staff.

Your marketing team is doing their best but need strategic support and training to level up their skills.

Overspending and agency reliance.

If marketing tactics aren’t rooted in a solid strategy, you can end up overspending and relying too much on agencies or not using the resources or tactics effectively.

Frustration and scattered tactics.

You don’t have time to fully manage marketing, let alone be strategic about it. Tactics get bloated and scattered over time.

Look beyond a CMO,
because strategy isn't enough.

A marketing strategy is only useful if you know how to implement it.
Marketing tactics are only successful if they are based on a clear marketing strategy.
You need strategy + tactics + leadership. So that's what we provide.
Our unique solution:

We're strategic & tactical.

We’ve spent 8 years developing a proven process to fix the root of most major marketing problems…and it’s not because you aren’t posting on social media enough.

By working with over 120 companies across industries, we’ve figured out why some get stuck and waste money. We help solve those problems so companies can show up—and show up with confidence.

The key is ensuring every single tactic is rooted in a solid marketing strategy. Both pieces are essential to growing a business which is why both are included in our fractional marketing leader program.

Cindy Skach Fractional Marketing Director
Cindy Skach

Fractional Marketing Leader

As a fractional marketing leader, Cindy takes the pressure off the C-Suite by leading their marketing team so they can focus on the product and vision. 

She brings over 25 years of sales and marketing leadership experience and strives to guide teams to become more strategic and accountable to drive business growth.

Michelle Tresemer Fractional Marketing Director
Michelle Tresemer

Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

Michelle translates marketing strategy to tactical marketing operations. She is a passionate and experienced digital analyst and down-to-earth consultant, teacher, and coach helping clients leverage skill sets and budgets to effectively reach their audiences.

She gets digital marketing certifications for fun and loves problem solving with clients.

Want to learn more?

We’re here to help you talk through your options.  

From fractional CMOs, to agencies, to hiring more staff, to doing nothing…you have options.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which path is the best fit. We only work with best-fit clients so don’t hesitate to reach out and talk through which options YOU should explore for YOUR business.

"Before working with Foundations First, there was a sea of things that needed to be fixed. Now, everything that needs to be fixed is prioritized, contextualized with stats, and part of a structured game plan."

Stephanie Hofmann | Marketing Manager, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

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