Get more from marketing with a fractional CMO in your corner.

Understand how to spend less and get more from your marketing with the guidance of a seasoned CMO.

Say goodbye to bloated marketing teams & tactics.

Want to be more efficient in your marketing, but unsure what that looks like or how to get there?

You know what’s worse than having to do marketing? Doing the wrong kind of marketing. The kind that doesn’t work, and you don’t understand why.

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

That’s why we created our proven marketing framework. We believe in lean, effective marketing that you actually understand—and what impact it has on your bottom line.

Yes, that means we often recommend cutting your marketing budget—in the right places of course. 

I bet this kind of fractional CMO is sounding pretty good about now.

Fractional CMO packages include:
  • Weekly leadership meetings to stay focused & answer questions.

    Marketing moves fast. With weekly meetings you'll have access to a trusted sounding board to help you make decisions quickly - saving time and stress!

  • Monthly working sessions for you or your team.

    90 min working sessions tailored to your marketing challenge. There's no running in circles when you have these guided sessions to jump start productivity!

  • Quarterly marketing planning for efficiency & focus.

    Everyone will know what to do, when to do it, and how it contributes to the goal for the quarter. You and your team will walk away excited and clear!

Before working with Foundations First, I had been hyper-focused on little spots without clear goals in mind. I was ineffective in how I approached things. Foundations First helped me stop wasting effort on things that were just shots in the dark, which cost time and money. Now, I’m focused, more effective, and I save time and money!

Does this sound like your situation?

Small, often junior marketing staff.

Your marketing team is doing their best but need strategic support and training to level up their skills.

Overspending and agency reliance.

If marketing tactics aren’t rooted in a solid strategy, you can end up overspending and relying too much on agencies or not using the resources or tactics effectively.

Frustration and scattered tactics.

You don’t have time to fully manage marketing, let alone be strategic about it. Tactics get bloated and scattered over time.

Want to learn more?

We’re here to help you talk through your options.  

From fractional CMOs, fractional marketing teams, to agencies, to hiring more staff, to doing nothing…you have options.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which path is the best fit. We only work with best-fit clients so don’t hesitate to reach out and talk through which options might be right for you and your business.

We want to make sure hiring fractional marketing support is the next right step for you. 

If this sounds interesting, we'd like to meet you.

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