Wonder why your marketing isn't working?

It's time to figure it out. We'll show you what's missing and how to fix it with a tailored marketing assessment and roadmap.

In 10 days you'll understand what to do, why, and when.

We take the mystery out of marketing so you understand why you're doing things and why you should stop doing things.

This isn’t a fluffy, canned, analysis. We dive deep into your marketing to find the biggest opportunities to level up.

We developed our process over the last 10 years to give clients the right mix of strategic guidance and detailed tactics to fundamentally change the way you approach marketing.

It’s more efficient and a lot more fun.

It all starts with your Foundations First® Marketing Assessment. Trust us, you won’t want to put this in a drawer. You’ll reference it damn near everyday.

"The in-depth tactical marketing plan gave a clear set of objectives, KPIs and tasks that ensured my success. That strategic foundation created a culture of self-sufficiency where we are able to make ongoing, solid business decisions."
Elaine McGhee Marketing Manager
Elaine McGhee
Marketing Manager, VisibilEDI | EDI Transaction Management
B2B Marketing Audit and Marketing Plan
Program includes:
  • Marketing Assessment & Implementation Roadmap

    We'll explain exactly where you have the biggest opportunities, what you can stop spending time and money on, and exactly what to do next and when.

  • Progress Report Follow Up

    After you've absorbed your new marketing plan, we'll meet with you and your team to guide you through any roadblocks or make any final adjustments to your plan.

Who needs a marketing assessment & roadmap?

Find Out What's Keeping You Stuck

Our proven Foundations First assessment aligns all marketing levels so you can fix costly cashflow leaks. 

We start with leadership issues and dig deep all the way through tactical execution. 

This is not just marketing theory. We get in the weeds and your entire marketing team levels up. 

"Before working with Foundations First, there was a sea of things that needed to be fixed. Now, everything that needs to be fixed is prioritized, contextualized with stats, and part of a structured game plan."
Stephanie Hofmann
Marketing Manager, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum | Travel & Tourism


It starts at the top with leadership. You need clarity to communicate your goals all the way to the execution team. You also need to trust the data and information coming back up so you can make strategic decisions.

Do you know what you are trying to accomplish? We’re talking specifics, not a mission statement.

How do you measure progress towards your vision? What needs to be put in place to get a clear picture of progress?

Do you know how much you’re spending on marketing, really? Is it worth it?


Your goals are clear and you know your KPIs. Do you have the right messaging framework, target market clarity, and the right team to reach those goals? 

Is your brand messaging and visual identity clear and consistent?

Who do you serve best? Who do you love working with?

How are your products positioned?

Where are skill set gaps internally and with existing vendors?

Is marketing set up to support sales efforts? Is the sales team providing feedback to marketing?

Are you different from the competition? If yes, do you stand out?

Are you leveraging your strategic partners?


Don’t worry, we get in the weeds and dig in to your marketing execution foundations to identify if you have the right mix of tactics to reach the goals set by leadership.

Often these tactics are misaligned and operate in silos. We look for opportunities to do more with less.

What tools are you using to run your marketing efforts? What can be shut off, consolidated, or updated?

Are you tracking meaningful metrics or spending hours reporting vanity metrics?

Is your website structured to resonate with your target market?

(Search Engine Optimization) How do your digital assets look to Google?

What content resonates with your target market? How can you get more from your content?

What’s the most effective way to use social networks?

How are you using email? Is it effective? Are you using your CRM across the company?

How can you use paid ads to reach your ideal customers?

How should you use trade shows, speaking events, traditional PR, or analyst relations?

Do sales sheets, pitch decks, ebooks and white papers communicate the right message?

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