Half-day workshop for EOS®-driven B2Bs:

Align Your Quarterly Marketing Rocks!

Turn scattered tactics into momentum-driving strategies, all synced to your V/TO.

If your marketing Rocks are kind of meh...

You could be wasting some serious time and money on the wrong things.

Without strategic direction, marketers might focus on looking good to their boss instead of moving towards your V/TO.

Marketing becomes a bigger silo.

If marketing goals aren’t aligned with sales and your overarching company goals, then what are you even doing marketing for?

Think your marketing Rocks could use some work?

Marketing Rocks should be game‑changers.

It’s hard to pick the right marketing Rocks if you’re unclear how to fully leverage marketing. Sometimes you need a little help from a seasoned marketer to help you think it through.

Align your team.

Align your team, tactics, and resources to your V/TO and say goodbye to scattered marketing projects.

Pick the right things.

Focus on the highest impact tasks as SMART Rocks and leave the uncertainty of what to tackle behind.

Stay focused.

Our structured planning process keeps your team focused so you're not second-guessing your marketing decisions.

Simple process. Big ideas.

Here’s how your private half-day workshop will run so you walk away with meaningful marketing Rocks aligned to your V/TO:

The nitty gritty.

FAQs to answer your big questions.

The Quarterly Marketing Rocks workshop is $1750 for the half day. If you are referred by an EOS Implementer, it is $1250.

The workshop is presented via Zoom, but if you prefer in-person meetings, there is an additional $1500 travel fee.

Workshops run between 3 and 4 hours depending on the size of your team and participants.

Yes, you’ll need to do a little bit of prep before our meeting (maybe an hour or two). This lets us use the time in the most effective way possible when we meet. 

This workshop works best for groups of 2-7 people. We generally recommend having your entire marketing team attend including an agency representative (if you have an agency partner), vendors, or freelancers as well as at least one person from your leadership team to ensure the marketing Rocks align with other business priorities. If you want extra credit, have someone from your sales team there too!

You can get your marketing Rocks prepped before, or after your company quarterly meeting. Your workshop will be adjusted slightly depending on which way you want to do it. 

Some clients want to come to the company quarterly meeting with their draft marketing Rocks to pitch to the leadership team.

Other clients want the marketing Rocks to support the larger company Rocks.

You can absolutely come up with marketing Rocks yourself, and a lot of companies do! In fact, we have a library of marketing Rocks ready for you to cut and paste.

But, you might want some heavy-hitter guidance if: 

  1. You are too close to your own marketing and are already overwhelmed with your existing workload. It’s damn near impossible to think strategically when you’re putting out fires everyday.
  2. You don’t have a marketing strategist on your team. You don’t know what you don’t know…and there is a lot of “dark work” in marketing that might be holding up your productivity. Shoot, your staff might not even know what’s missing. An experienced guide can ask the right questions to uncover holes in your marketing.
  3. Your team has competing priorities which leads to scattered tactics and a whole lot of overwhelm. A neutral third-party can take a practical look at workloads and make sure your Rocks are reasonable and act as a conduit between leadership and the execution team.

Want the playbook to game-changing strategies?

Say goodbye to hit-or-miss tactics. Our workshop is your ticket to aligning every quarterly marketing Rock with your V/TO, like magic.

Meet Your Marketing Guide

Meet the leadership team that will take you from unsure and scattered to clear, confident, strategic marketing.

Michelle Tresemer, MBA

Fractional Marketing Leader & Foundations First® Founder

Michelle translates marketing strategy to tactical marketing operations. She is a passionate and experienced marketing analyst and down-to-earth consultant, teacher, and coach helping clients leverage skill sets and budgets to effectively reach their audiences.

  • Worked with over 130 brands on 4 continents since founding the company in 2011.
  • Google Analytics certified, HubSpot certifications in content and inbound marketing, SEMrush certifications in content marketing and SEO, SharpSpring CRM Silver certification, and currently completing an Agile Marketing certification.
  • Doctoral candidate at University of Southern California (USC).
  • Speaker, guest lecturer, and podcast guest.

"Our marketing efforts have gone from good yet misaligned to GREAT, synchronized and strategized!"

Michelle Tresemer Fractional Marketing Director
Agile Marketing Certification

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