Meet your marketing guides.

A website doesn't do our personalities justice, but we hope to meet you soon so you can experience how much we love helping B2Bs get more from their marketing.

Meet your marketing guides ready to take you from unsure and scattered to clear, confident, strategic marketing.

Cindy Skach

Fractional CMO & Foundations First™ Co‑founder

Cindy specializes in walking the line between what the C-suite needs from marketing and what the marketing execution team needs to move the dial day-to-day.

Fractional CMOs are experts at removing distractions from smart people so that they can focus on value-adding work.

Cindy’s goal is to help teams run more efficiently, raise profits, and get you back to innovating without the commitment of a full-time employee.

  • 15 years as a Marketing Director over corporate, regional and local marketing teams at Time Warner Cable.
  • Leveraged collaborative partnerships between Showtime Networks, HBO, and Verizon Wireless to increase marketing budgets, elevate sales trainings, and boost profit margins.
  • Managed revenue and expense budgets with C-level leadership, while aligning those efforts with all sales channels.
  • Over 10 years sales and marketing leadership for SMB’s.
"Before working with Cindy, we could not effectively tell our story via marketing channels beyond one-on-one meetings. We had limited exposure in the marketplace. And when we were exposed, we focused more on our story rather than on the customer’s story. This has all changed as our approach has changed thanks to Cindy's coaching."
Greg Sparhawk
VP Operations & Technology, VisibilEDI | Healthcare Technology
Cindy Skach Fractional CMO

Michelle Tresemer, MBA

Marketing Execution Strategist & Foundations First™ Co‑founder

Michelle translates marketing strategy to tactical marketing operations. She is a passionate, experienced, and down-to-earth marketing consultant, teacher, and coach helping clients leverage skill sets and budgets to effectively reach their goals.

  • Worked with over 120 brands on 4 continents since founding the company in 2011.
  • Google Analytics certified (GA4), HubSpot certifications in content and inbound marketing, SEMrush certifications in content marketing and SEO, SharpSpring CRM Silver certification, and Agile Marketing certification.
  • Speaker and podcast guest.
"Michelle brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. She's always willing to do the research and legwork to give the best advice and recommendations possible or take the time to teach us how to manage our campaigns internally, so we fully understand how to set goals and conversions.

She's a god damn gem. Any company would benefit from engaging with her company."
Michelle Kaufmann
Vice President of Communications, Stoller Wine Group | Food & Beverage

Partners We Know, Like, & Trust

Over the years we’ve met some fantastic specialists. We do not recommend partners lightly and we do not take any kickbacks or affiliate fees for these recommendations. Our endorsement of these partners doesn’t get any more pure. 

Tricia Montgomery Brand Strategist
Tricia Montgomery
Fractional CMO | General Manager

Summary: As an Executive Advisor and Outsourced CMO, Tricia’s proven approach combines disparate concepts of brand strategy, customer insights and strategic planning into a whole-company point of view. A North Star.

Why we like her: Aside from being a fantastic human being, Tricia is able to see through the fog that founders inadvertently create to get them on the right path.

When you need her: When you wake up one morning and just know to your core you are ready to grow, but you need some help developing your vision and path, Tricia will show you the way.

When not to hire her: If you think developing a strategy for your business is a waste of time and would rather just jump in and ‘do’, Tricia’s probably not a fit.

Punchy Brand Messaging for B2B
Emma Stratton & Tom O’Brien
Brand Positioning & Messaging Strategy

Summary: Strategic messaging and positioning for B2B tech companies with big vision.

Why we like them: The Punchy team takes complex tech jargon and turns it into powerful must-have messaging.

When you need them: When what you’re saying isn’t resonating with your target markets, or is no longer accurate, it might be time to call in the big guns.

When not to hire them: If you think your tag line is all you need for brand messaging then you’re probably not ready for the heavy hitters at Punchy.

Altitude Marketing Logo
Louis Holzman 
Director, Business Development

Summary: It’s rare to find a full stack agency that shares our values. Altitude Marketing fits the bill. 

Why we like them: They will help you do the right things (not just more things and screw you on the bill like many agencies would). 

When you need them: Once you’re done with our initial Foundations First program and ready for a bigger marketing push, it could be a good time to onboard external resources to assist as you scale up now that you are clear on your marketing strategy. 

OR if you have no in-house marketing staff or no interest in training your team or learning about marketing and just need to get stuff done…then definitely add them to your decision set.  

When not to hire them: If you have existing staff you’d like to leverage before outsourcing, then the Foundations First program is a great place to start as we focus on training and leveling up your existing resources first. 

And obviously, if you are not serious about marketing and not willing to put in the time or money, then Altitude probably isn’t a great fit. They won’t churn out marketing tasks just for the sake of churning out marketing tasks. 

Bluefire Interactive Web Developers
Marc Emerson
COO | Lead Software Developer

Summary: Technically they are a full stack web and app dev firm. But to us they are so much more.

Why we like them: They are a trusted sounding board and go way above and beyond to understand the short- and long-term ramifications for tech decisions. Not to mention they are just awesome people. I actually miss them if I don’t talk to them often enough.

When you need them: Even if you’re a tech or SAAS company, it’s awesome to get a second set of trusted eyes on things from time to time. On the marketing side, Bluefire is fantastic at proactively recommending cleaner solutions to what you’re asking for. Yes, they recommend simpler, less expensive solutions. If you need heavy-hitter dev backup, they are always there.

When not to hire them: If you want Dollar Store prices and short-term duct-taped solutions, then Bluefire is not a great fit.