Signature Marketing Workshop

Growth becomes easier when your marketing foundations are working for you and not against you.

Designed for B2Bs serious about getting their marketing in order.

It’s all about you. Your workshop experience is tailored specifically for your budget, staff, target market, industry, and goals.

Before working with Foundations First, we didn't have a well-defined path forward to launch our marketing program in a strategic way. The plan was articulated, resources assigned, and immediate progress happened. Having a solid foundation to build from is invaluable.
Dean Hill
President, VisibilEDI | Healthcare EDI Transaction Management

If your foundations aren't solid you're likely experiencing...

Scattered tactics.

Tactics, resources, and staff are just all over the place.

Being busy, but not strategic.

You’re doing a lot, but definitely wouldn’t call it strategic.

Something missing.

You are ready for growth but know you’re missing something in marketing…but not sure what that is.

Who should leverage this workshop?

Go from scattered & unsure tactics to confident, strategic marketing in one workshop.

Get more out of every marketing effort when your marketing foundations are in place.

Your Process

We’ll guide you through each step so you walk away knowing exactly what to do and how it will move you towards your vision.

Kick Off Meeting

We use this time to set expectations and gather as much information as we can about your vision, goals, and resources so we build a plan that is achievable.



The Foundations First team does the leg work and researches you and your competitors to find your biggest marketing opportunities.


Workshop Day 1: Strategic Findings

We’ll guide you through our findings for a 360° review of your marketing and present our recommended strategy for moving forward.


Workshop Day 2: Tactical Plan

Armed with our research and strategy, we’ll walk you through your customized tactical marketing plan. You’ll know exactly what to work on next.

Next Steps.

Let’s work together.

It’s harder to grow and scale and make a bigger impact if you’re trying to build on a rocky foundation.

We’ve seen companies try, and it’s painful.

If marketing feels harder than it should be. If you feel like something just isn’t working like it should…then this workshop is a great step to shoring up your foundations.

We’ll take you from scattered tactics to a clear, strategic marketing plan.

  • Schedule Your Kick Off

    If we are a good fit for each other we will send you a contract and link to book your 90 minute kick-off session.

  • Kick Off Meeting (90 min.)

    We want to understand your unique business situation, meet your team, and ask a lot of questions to get as much background as possible. The more information you provide, the better our recommendations will be.

  • Strategy Review (Workshop Session 1)

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy our presentation of our research findings and strategic recommendations. You’ll leave understanding exactly where you are in your marketing efforts and where we recommend you focus.

  • Tactical Plan Review (Workshop Session 2)

    We’ll translate the strategy into your tactical marketing plan. This is your prioritized to-do list for the next six months. We’ll go through each section to make sure the tasks are clear.

  • Wrap Up Meeting (30 min)

    We want to make sure your plan is clear and answer any final questions and review support package options if you’d like additional assistance to fast-track your implementation.

Your Workshop

We’ll align your marketing strategy, team, and tactics to move forward with confidence.

We start with leadership issues and dig deep all the way through tactical execution. 

We do the leg work so you can focus on what you do best – leading.

"Before working with Foundations First, there was a sea of things that needed to be fixed. Now, everything that needs to be fixed is prioritized, contextualized with stats, and part of a structured game plan."

Stephanie Hofmann | Marketing Manager, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Let's Work Together

The Foundations First™ Signature Workshop isn’t for everyone in every situation. We want to make sure it will get you what you need and is the best path to move you forward.

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We've been there.

We recognize growing pains.

We’ve spent 8 years developing a proven process to fix the root of most major marketing problems…and it’s not because you aren’t posting on social media enough.

By working with over 120 companies across industries, we’ve figured out why some get stuck and waste money. We help solve those problems so companies can show up—and show up with confidence.

Thus, the Foundations First marketing program was born.

VisibilEDI EDI Management

“We didn’t have a well-defined path forward to launch our marketing program in a strategic way. After our first meeting, expectations of what we were embarking on became clear….having a solid foundation to build from is invaluable.”

Dean Hill


“Our marketing efforts have gone from good yet misaligned to GREAT, synchronized and strategized!

Tatum Garino

Communications Manager
Northlake Partners, LLC

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