3 Ways to Turn Visitors Into Conversions

If you’re generating traffic but not getting many conversions, it can be frustrating and confusing. “What am I doing wrong?” you think. “What am I missing?” Don’t worry, you’re obviously doing something right, because people are visiting your site. Your leads care enough about your brand or product to visit and that’s awesome. Now it’s time to take the next step. Here are 3 ways to turn visitors into conversions.

1. Use data to learn more about why your visitors convert.

Accurate data, that is. Google Analytics shows you what traffic, and how much, is coming to your site. If you dive a little deeper, GA can also show you how much of that traffic is spam. In order to trust your data so you may better understand your users’ behaviors or measure your site performance, you have to filter that crap out. Neil Patel’s easy-to-follow guidelines in “How to Remove Referral Spam in Your Google Analytics” is worth a read.

After you set some filters and pull out about 15-20% of spam traffic, you can determine what is truly converting. Better yet, you’ll be able to figure out where your conversions come from: Is it social media? Organic searches? Once you figure out who your conversions are and where they are coming from, you can focus on what’s working and what isn’t.

2. Revisit your CTAs (calls to action).

If your conversions just aren’t there yet, take another look at your call to action. There’s a good chance your CTA is too deep.

For example, while offering a consultation works for businesses, it’s a really big ask and commitment for potential leads. We offer consults because it’s easy. All we have to do is create a form and then jump on a call with someone.

Before pushing your leads into the deep end, try letting them dip their toes in the water first by establishing trust.

3. Work on establishing trust.

There’s a reason jewelry stores ask if there’s a piece you want to try on, and why car dealerships hand you the keys. Sales skyrocket when people have things that are tangible. Customers want items they can touch.

Let’s translate that into the digital world. Give your customers something they can put in their hands…or on their desktop. PDFs, useful downloads, or other freebies will help your brand establish credibility and trust.

Give visitors an un-gated download. Offer downloads without asking for information. See if people are willing to download your freebies without giving their email. If people are coming to your site and downloading, you know you’re doing something right.

Still stuck wondering if anyone is out there? We’re here, and we can help.

If you’re still wondering if anyone visits your website or views your posts, it’s time to get familiar with Google Analytics. GA gives you some clarity on who your viewers are. If you’re not checking your numbers, you may have 100s of visits and not even know it!

These conversion adjustments can really help. Of course, you may have more foundational issues working against those adjustments. These take a deeper dive. We help clients find out why their conversions are stuck, design a customized roadmap so they’ll know exactly how to get unstuck, and provide them the strategic and technical support they need as they move ahead. If you’re feeling like your conversions are just the tip of the iceberg, schedule a call. We’re here, and we can help!