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Grace Miller Content Marketing Mentor

Special note: This Rock is generously shared by Grace Miller, a SaaS marketer that knows how to leverage content to build brand followers. If you want your team to level up their content, check out her programs >>

Rock: Define your content marketing KPIs

Not all content should be measured by the same metrics. Instead, think strategically about each piece of content and decide what you need from it. For instance, gated content won’t have the same number of views as an ungated blog, but you’ll want to determine how many people who download a piece follow through on your CTA. 

Be sure you keep your overall marketing goals in mind when deciding your content KPIs so you can track how well content contributes to your team goals.

V – Vision: How is your content helping you reach your vision? Content is a key tool for spreading your message to your ideal audience. 

S – Specific: Choose 3-5 metrics you can track over time. Tracking the change to your metrics can often be more valuable than a one-off number.

M – Measurable: Make sure the KPIs you choose to track relate back to your vision and your overall marketing goals. Your content traffic doesn’t matter if that traffic never converts.

A – Attainable: Defining your content marketing KPIs is simple when you understand how content fits into your overall marketing goals. 

R – Realistic: Start with metrics you can track without buying additional sophisticated–and expensive–software.

T – Timely: You can define your content KPIs quickly. However, you should also evaluate your chosen KPIs regularly. Make sure the metrics you chose are giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about your content.

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