6 Google Analytics Dashboards for Beginners

A Tour of Our Favorite Google Analytics Starter Dashboards

What are Google Analytics Dashboards?

Google Analytics Dashboards are a collection of widgets that allow you to visualize your data by showing an overview of your most important metrics. Dashboards help you streamline data, allowing you to quickly find the information you need. Best of all, dashboards are easy to create, customize, and share.

Google Analytics Dashboards offer many examples created by other users. You can import these dashboards into your own account, not only saving you time, but also giving you new ideas on how to use dashboards.

If you choose to create and customize your own dashboard, you’ll find how easy dashboards are to make. Another perk is that you can export your dashboards and import them into another view. No need to reinvent the wheel when you don’t need to!

Our Favorite Starter Pack

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite dashboards that we load up whenever we start a new account.

To install them for yourself, simply follow the Install button, and it will open up a new tab with Google Analytics and ask you to select an account and view. After that, pop open the widgets and customize to make sure your brand name and URL are in the widget fields. It only takes a few minutes per dashboard. And of course, we’re here if you need any help setting these up.


1. Site Performance Dashboard

This dashboard is our first stop when checking on load times. Site Performance helps you determine if your most popular pages are taking too long to load, or if there are browser-loading issues.

Install Site Performance Dashboard

2. Visitors’ Technology

With this dashboard, you can inspect mobile traffic and look for any big shifts in device trends.

Install Visitor’s Tech Dashboard

3. Social Media Dashboard

Do you want more detail about your social media platforms? Use this dashboard to see if social networks are driving traffic. Most importantly, are they driving conversions? Discover which networks you should dig into for further analysis of what is working well.

Install Social Media Dashboard

4. Site Usage / Quality

This is one of our favorite dashboards. It will help you determine what pages are performing the best and driving engagement. Additionally, find out what pages people go to when they leave your site.

Install Site Usage & Quality Dashboard

5. SEO Monitoring Dashboard

]Is your organic traffic converting? Do you know which pages are driving the most organic visits? Use this dashboard to find out!

Install SEO Monitoring Dashboard

6. Realtime Overview Dashboard

I loved this dashboard when I worked in a cubicle. Put this up when your boss is walking by – it looks really impressive! This is also great when you’re testing campaign tracking, or right when a big campaign goes live to look for any tracking issues.

Install Realtime Overview Dashboard