How To Choose A Blog Topic Without Losing Your Mind

Writing a blog is easy. Choosing a blog topic on the other hand, not so much. There are hundreds of strategies to choosing a blog topic, but Googling “How to choose a blog topic” isn’t one of them. Seriously. Don’t get sucked into the minutia—it’s a black hole of information. We’ve seen it happen all too often where analysis paralysis sets in and all of a sudden, 3 months later, you still don’t have a title.

Take a deep breath and step away from Google. We’re going to walk you through three super easy sources to brainstorm ideas for your topics. And don’t worry…it doesn’t require ANY special software.

Ask Your Staff for Blog Topic Ideas

Ask your staff and colleagues to keep a running list of questions from customers. Have them email a point person whenever they get a good question. It’s that simple. This strategy usually takes some practice to get everyone in the habit of listening for these kinds of questions, but it’s easy once your team gets the hang of it.

Ask Your Customers What Blog Topics They Would Like

Tap into your customers for content ideas. All you need to do is ask them! You probably have a handful of loyal customers that would be happy to hop on a quick call or answer an email survey. It’s a great touchpoint, makes them feel special, and will get you a nice list of topics. The best part is you are serving your customers by providing them with helpful information they literally asked for!

Ask Randoms At Networking Events What Questions They Have That Could Be Blog Topics

When you go to networking events and deliver your elevator speech about what you do, people are bound to ask questions. Write them down! This will give you some really basic topic ideas for top of funnel content—topics that are likely to resonate with people looking for your services or products for the first time or aren’t sure where to start.