Empowering Business Trailblazers: An Insight for EOS® Implementers

Greetings, influential change-makers! In the role of EOS® Implementers, your mission is unique. You’re not just working with businesses, but guiding the bold trailblazers – the entrepreneurs – on their thrilling ride towards success. Today, let’s explore how you can unlock their potential with a game-changer: Yosso’s (2005) community wealth capital intertwined with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®).

Community wealth capital is a collection of six types of capital that everyone possesses: Aspirational, Linguistic, Familial, Social, Navigational, and Resistance. While each has its value, Aspirational and Navigational Capital often take center stage in an entrepreneur’s journey. But fear not, we’ll touch on all the others to give you a comprehensive picture.

The Entrepreneurial Toolbox: Community Wealth Capital

Each form of community wealth capital serves as a tool in an entrepreneur’s toolbox, which you, as an implementer, can fully leverage:

  1. Aspirational Capital: The entrepreneur’s dreams and ambitions.
  2. Linguistic Capital: Their communication skills.
  3. Familial Capital: Wisdom from their family and cultural heritage.
  4. Social Capital: Their networks and connections.
  5. Navigational Capital: Their ability to maneuver life’s obstacles.
  6. Resistance Capital: Their resilience to challenge the status quo.

Aspirational Capital: Fueling Ambition

Entrepreneurial journeys begin with an aspiration. As an EOS Implementer, your role is to fuel this Aspirational Capital, guiding the entrepreneurs towards their dreams, regardless of any hurdles they encounter.

Entrepreneurs will inevitably face obstacles. Regardless of whether these obstacles are real or perceived, they can cause entrepreneurs to struggle and potentially give up on their dreams. Aspirational Capital, coupled with mentorship from EOS® Implementers, can help push entrepreneurs past these hurdles toward success. There is a secret ingredient here, though: grit. With grit, they can transform those challenges into stepping stones, further powering their Aspirational Capital and propelling their journey forward.

Navigational Capital: Mapping the Path to Success

Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape is like a high-stakes obstacle course. It’s complicated and undoubtedly challenging. Enter Navigational Capital – the entrepreneurial GPS. It provides entrepreneurs with the ability to chart their course through the world of business bureaucracy, competition, and market dynamics.

This entrepreneurial compass is where implementers can add immense value. You can help build entrepreneur’s grit and resilience to supercharge their Navigational Capital. By suggesting the utilization of mastermind groups and experienced specialists who can provide valuable insights and advice, you will help your clients avoid pitfalls and strengthen their strategies.

The Support Crew: Other Aspects of Community Wealth Capital

We’ve now covered our main actors, Aspirational and Navigational Capital. But let’s not forget the supporting crew – Linguistic, Familial, Social, and Resistance Capital. Each of these brings a unique element to the entrepreneurial journey.

Linguistic Capital enables entrepreneurs to effectively articulate their aspirations. Every entrepreneur arrives at their journey with a different level of of Linguistic Capital. Their language, history, and experiences determine the base. This is where you come in. As an EOS® Implementer, you can enable access to various opportunities, conventions, and norms to move beyond the base.

Familial Capital, the cultural knowledge obtained from family and community experiences provides a solid base of support. EOS® Implementers can advocate for their entrepreneurs and introduce them to experiences and opportunities they may not have had.

Social Capital opens doors to new opportunities by leveraging existing resources. For EOS® Implementers, you can assist entrepreneurs in building an expansive network that supports their goals. By introducing them to individuals and community-based organizations, you provide entrepreneurs with a support circle that ensures success.

Resistance Capital gives entrepreneurs the courage to challenge the status quo. They may sense barriers or limitation simply because of the way things have always been done. As an EOS® Implementer, you can encourage entrepreneurs to question conventional models and resist compartmentalization.

EOS® Implementers Hold the Roadmap

You hold the roadmap that entrepreneurs need to navigate their journey to success. Aspirational and Navigational Capital are fundamental to this journey. By understanding these, along with the other forms of community wealth capital, you can equip yourselves to offer more impactful and effective guidance.

Community wealth capital isn’t just a concept; it’s a powerful toolkit that all entrepreneurs have at their disposal. It’s about the resilience, the network, the knowledge, and the aspirations that propel them forward. You can help entrepreneurs recognize this potential and harness its power. It’s time to embark on the exhilarating journey of shaping the business trailblazers of the future!

Yosso, T. J. (2005). Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth. Race Ethnicity and Education, 8(1), 69–91.