Event Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Event marketing strategies

Whether it’s an online seminar, an in-person get-together, or a hybrid trade show, your marketing strategies for building an event are essential to marketing your business.

Recently, UpCity gathered the best strategies for building your marketing events in 2022, and I got to help them out! We created the perfect list of marketing event do’s and don’ts along with six other marketing specialists. 

Emphasizing Efficiency for your Marketing Events

To host or attend a successful marketing event, you first and foremost need to want to do it. If you feel forced to host an event, maybe this strategy isn’t for you, and that’s okay! The most important thing to remember when building your event is to make sure it’s something you want to do. Any event you organize has to be something you’d want to go to: if your passion is there, others will want to see it.

Seriously though, the main strategy for creating a successful marketing event is efficiently building it. The first step is enjoying the process. The second? Pacing yourself. For small businesses, spending extra time on the fine details of event planning can take away essential time you could use to work on other marketing strategies. When you plan your event for the first time, make sure it’s something you can replicate. In my interview with UpCity, I suggested:

Creating a process that streamlines your workflow:

Make sure any repeatable steps you have to do are easy to knock out of the way.

Set yourself up for adjustments:

For future events, you’ll only need to spend about 20% of your time actually planning the event and about 80% repurposing your content to fit the event’s topic.

Work with multiple mediums:

Mixed media events are great for recycling and advertising content. Turn event recordings into audio files, YouTube videos, or soundbites for your blog, and create posts that sum up event content for those who didn’t make it– an event is great for extra content generation!

Of course, streamlining your event planning process takes some time and effort at the start, but when you’re done, it’s smooth sailing afterward. For an extra hand on getting your next big event off the ground, check out what other experts are saying from UpCity.