How Can I Quickly Improve My Website?

Start With The Basics

When it comes to small businesses, websites are the perfect place to generate leads and promote interest in your business or product. However, if your website isn’t working correctly, it may be hindering your business more than helping it. If you’re wondering where to start, taking an honest look at your website is a great place to begin. Here are 3 ways you can improve your website while on your lunch break.

Check Your Social Icons, Headers, And Footers

We see issues with these items all the time. In our experience, we find social icons, headers, and footers are either broken or in the wrong spot about half of the time we check them. These are simple problems with simple solutions. Don’t scare your customers away by appearing untrustworthy.

Head Back To Your Homepage

For this step, you are going to tap into your inner detective and leave no stone unturned–or link unclicked. We recommend going through your homepage each quarter and clicking on everything. We mean everything. Click on your links and your embedded videos. Make sure you watch all of your videos from beginning to end. If you use YouTube, verify that there aren’t wildly inappropriate videos related to yours. You don’t want to offend your audience or make your grandma blush.

Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

Each quarter, put on a wig and pretend you’re someone else: your ideal customer. When accessing your website, you want customers to explore your site, click the links, download your freebies, and complete any forms. Make sure all information is sent correctly and accurately. What does the email confirmation look like? Do all the links in it work correctly? What about your downloads? See your site from your customers’ point of view and make adjustments as necessary.