Let Your Competition Do Your Work for You

Competitive audits keep you from wasting time and money on mistakes your competitors have already made and also helps you keep tabs on shifts in the marketplace. Our focus when doing competitive audits is on data, data from you and your competitors that you can use to make better decisions. Here are some of the things we look at when auditing your competition:

On Websites:

  • Are there clear calls to action to drive leads?
  • What is the primary value proposition?
  • What features and functionality are utilized?
  • Is any expected content or functionality missing?

In Social Media:

  • What networks are utilized?
  • What kind of language and tone is used (casual, serious, humorous etc.)?
  • How is the audience engaged (what are the calls to action)?
  • Are networks complete and optimized?
  • What multimedia is used? Are there pictures and video or just text?
  • Is content original or borrowed from other sources?


  • Is the site healthy (errors, sitemap, etc)?
  • What keywords are driving organic traffic to the site?
  • In terms of SEO, are best practices followed such as well written titles and meta descriptions?
  • What percentage of organic keywords are related to brand recognition?
  • Overall, how fluent is the company in terms of SEO sophistication?

Email Campaigns:

  • Are emails well designed with clear calls to action?
  • What email service provider (ESP) is used?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

  • What kinds of ads are running? Display, search?
  • What are the core messages and ads driving the most clicks and traffic?
  • What do landing pages look like, and what are the core messages?
  • What keywords are performing the best?
  • How much is spent on PPC per month?

We recommend looking at the competitive landscape at least once a year.