Foundations First Marketing

Marketing Strategy Decision Map

Marketing Strategy Decision Map

Map your decisions to your
marketing strategy.

For any marketing decision, run through your strategy map to make decisions faster, stay on track, and win at marketing!

If you get stuck or are unsure at any question, it might mean your marketing foundations aren’t in place or need to be reviewed. That’s where we can help!

When you have your marketing foundations set up in advance, it makes it much easier to make decisions and move forward. It ensures all of your energy is moving your company in the same direction. Not to mention it aligns everyone on the team!

We hope you find the infographic helpful to keep you moving towards your vision so you can say “no” to distractions that could derail you for months!

Remember, if you have a hard time answering some of the steps, it’s likely because your foundations aren’t as solid as they should. Our program is built to get your marketing on solid footing so you can make faster, more effective marketing decisions.

Marketing Strategy Decision Map